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Insane Renderings Revealed For UFO Hotel in the Baker Desert

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Last March we learned that a business owner in the tiny desert burg of Baker—home to the world's largest, sometimes-working thermometer—is trying to build a 31-room, UFO-shaped hotel. Today, we're seeing this extraterrestrial hospitality vessel, and it is far more glorious than anyone could have expected. The renderings, via PR Newswire, show the two-story spacecraft-shaped hotel, where everything is alien-themed—the rooms, the restaurant, the uniforms of the staff, the lobby, the spa, the nightclub, and even weddings: guests to "[get] married in alien costumes -- on their favorite planet."

This entire project is the dream of Alien Fresh Jerky proprietor Luis Ramallo, who lures an estimated 750,000 lovers of dried, spiced meats a year off of Interstate 15 and into Baker, which sits between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. "We are tremendously excited about developing the first authentic UFO Hotel in the world, not just in America," he says. "There are tens of millions of Sci-Fi and UFO fans in the world who have been dreaming of a venue just like this. They will finally have it."

Aside from the alien-themed everything, the best part of the hotel might be the opportunity for guests "to twist various dials and hatch handles" on the way to their rooms. "If they turn the wrong one, a warning light and siren will flash, just like on an actual spaceship." JUST LIKE ON AN ACTUAL SPACESHIP. When they're not setting off sirens, guests can also take advantage of "unique photo-ops throughout the spacecraft with alien crew members re-charging themselves in pods." This hotel cannot come into being soon enough. Rooms are expected to start at just $300 a night. ("[A]n incredible bargain for a one-of-a-kind experience," Ramallo says.)

Ramallo's spent a good deal of his own money getting this place into the "pre-construction stage" and is now hoping that investors will help him out via Kickstarter. The images from the pitch for money are very laser-heavy and look like the most fun anyone could possibly have in the desert, ever.

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