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Giant Yellow Space Banana to Take Over LA Streets Like the Space Shuttle Endeavour

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About two and a half years ago, Los Angeles was thrown into a frenzy by the arrival and subsequent journey through the streets of the retired space shuttle Endeavour. Roads were closed and people came out in droves to watch the enormous spacecraft wind its way through Los Angeles to Exposition Park's California Science Center. Now, says KPCC, we can gear up to do it all again, but with an enormous yellow fuel tank that will ultimately join the Endeavour, which is gearing up to be placed in its permanent, upright, ready-for-lift-off display.

ET-94, as the fuel tank's called, has never been used and is empty of all fuel. It will be traveling from New Orleans to Los Angeles on a barge, so there won't be any cool views of it piggybacking on a giant plane or swooping by LA landmarks like there were with the Endeavour. But it will be journeying through the streets just like the shuttle did. Because it's lower to the ground and narrower than the shuttle, "fewer utilities will be impacted" by ET-94's trip, and trees won't have to be removed like they were for the shuttle, says a release from the Science Center. (Tree-trimming might be necessary, though.)

ET-94's trip to Los Angeles is expected to begin sometime between late 2015 and early 2016 and it will take six to eight weeks for the fuel tank to get here from New Orleans. Details on the last short leg of its trip—through LA streets to Expo Park—"is currently being planned with city officials, utilities and community groups," says the museum.
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