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Inside Madonna's Old Beverly Hills Mansion, Now Being Flipped for $28 Million

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Madonna via Getty Images
Madonna via Getty Images

Pop icon/aspiring stand-up comic Madonna sold her famed nine-bedroom estate on Sunset Boulevard a year and a half ago, to a private equity investor, for $19.5 million, but just last month it came back onto the market with the same exact listing information as before, but a hefty new pricetag: $27.995 million (close to what she had first reportedly asked for the place for back in 2012).

The 1.17-acre estate is set far back from Sunset and counts among its amenities nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a two-story dining room, a "junior" dining room, a full-size screening room, two offices and two staff offices, two guesthouses, and a "resort size" pool. There weren't any listing photos when the flip went up for sale last month, and there weren't any back when Madonna put the place up for sale, so it's hard to tell what (if anything) has changed inside the estate to warrant the major mark-up. The listing copy does say "recently remodeled," but it's used that phrase for a couple of years now, and it adds "No detail was overlooked and no expense has been spared in maintaining the house meticulously." Eitiher way, we're finally getting a look inside, to see what $27.995 million buys these days.

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