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LA's Earthquake Expert Livetweeted the Premiere of San Andreas Last Night

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Los Angeles is constantly being destroyed on film, but the action flick San Andreas goes all out, making it "one of the faker movie disasters to ever hit Los Angeles" as LAObserved sees it (faker than Sharknado though?). Apparently, it's not too likely that the San Andreas fault will split open and create a tsunami, and an earthquake that destroys both LA and San Francisco AND jostles the East Coast is also pretty fantastic. But boy, is it fun to watch, especially for LA's on-call seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones, who actually knows what would or wouldn't happen in a huge 'quake. She was invited to the premiere last night at Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard (right by the Hollywood fault!) and tweeted examples of the movie's exaggerations ("OMG! A chasm?") and accuracies. Here are a few of the funniest/most informative.

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