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Schindler's Falk Apartments in Silver Lake Hits the Market For the First Time in 50 Years

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[Listing photos by Cameron Carothers; B&W photos by Julius Shulman / J. Paul Getty Trust]

Now on the market for the first time since 1965 is Rudolph Schindler's Falk Apartments in the Silver Lake hills. Located within shouting distance of the Viennese visionary's Bubeshko and Manola Court apartments, the four-unit Falk occupies a sloping, triangular lot between Lucile and Carnation Avenues. To maximize both views and privacy, Schindler laid out the units in two overlapping grids. Every unit offers outdoor space, none with the same configuration. As detailed by the highly informative Southern California Architectural History blog, the patio of one of the units contains a pergola designed by Palmer & Krisel; architect Dan Palmer was a resident of the complex, which was commissioned by his aunt and uncle.

Per the listing, the complex consists of three one-bedroom, one-bath units plus a two-bedroom, two-bath penthouse with a private garden and two fireplaces. Other building features include sliding glass walls, clerestory windows, stained pine plywood ceilings, original built-ins, tile and hardwood floors, and five enclosed garages. Asking price is $2.695 million.

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