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Here Are the Three Potential Looks For the Los Angeles Convention Center's Big Makeover

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Design by HMC Architects and Populous
Design by HMC Architects and Populous

Los Angeles has needed to update the LA Convention Center for a long time and for a while there it thought it might have a solution: LA Live developers AEG promised to completely overhaul the aging venue as part of their plan to build an NFL stadium nearby. But that project fell completely apart and so, at the earliest signs of trouble, the city got quietly to work on a different plan. Last spring, the city reached out to architecture firms asking for proposals and in October, they selected three teams to go on to a design competition: AC Martin Inc. and LMN Architects, Gensler and Lehrer Architects, and HMC Architects and Populous. Now here are their proposed designs.

Each proposal has a budget of $350 million or less and presents a vision for both expanding the convention center and modernizing the existing complex, says the Downtown News. They range from vividly colorful to sleek and metallic, and are "specific to our climate and civic identity," according to the city engineer. A press release from the convention center says it's anticipated that the city will choose a team and design to recommend for the project by the end of the year.

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