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The Chargers and Raiders Officially Have Land For an NFL Stadium in Carson

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The plan to build a $1.7-billion NFL stadium for the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders to share in suburban Carson took a huge step forward yesterday as it secured its 157 acres on the almost uncontaminated site of a former landfill. A convoluted deal now puts the land in the hands of a Carson-run agency; the city will control the land once the stadium is built and receive rent from a future stadium authority for its use, reports the AP.

If the stadium isn't built, Carson still controls that land and can use it for whatever it wants (probably a shopping center). According to the LA Times, the deed for the property "transferred from Carson Marketplace, which had previously planned to build a mixed-use development on the site" (more on that here). Another 11 acres of the site (which totals 168 acres altogether) have been transferred to an entity jointly owned by the Chargers and Raiders. That segment of land is expected to be developed as parking.

As the Chargers and Raiders move ahead with their plans, St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke is also hustling on a new stadium (presumably for his team) in Inglewood. Both plans belong to a long history of attempts to move the NFL back to Los Angeles, which it left in the early '90s. Teams have often used LA as leverage when they want a new stadium in their existing home base and, in the Chargers' case, the plan appears to be working. Earlier this week, the city of San Diego revealed a plan for a $1.1-billion stadium built on the site of Qualcomm Stadium, the LA Times reported. However, it would mean a longer wait—he mayor in SD has promised that, unlike the proposed stadiums in Carson and Inglewood, his city's stadium plan would be put to a public vote, meaning that it would have to wait until next November's general election.
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