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Rent the Guesthouse of a Paul Williams-Designed Mansion in Brentwood for $2,450

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A recent spelunking expedition on Craigslist yields this posting for what sounds like a pretty sweet living situation: "1500 sq. ft. apartment attached to gorgeous Brentwood mansion designed by famed architect Paul Williams. Full kitchen perfect for bar-style seating, living room + office/studio, bedroom looking out to green gardens, bathroom w/ full tub, two large closets, private entrance and covered parking. The estate has a pool, hot tub, lush tropical and rose gardens, a basketball court, and very relaxed residents in the main house. $2450 per month." Unfortunately, the ad supplies just three photos, all exterior shots, and is similarly vague about the home's location, stating only that it's "off Sunset Blvd near Bundy," which kinda contributes to the suspicion that another nefarious Craigslist scam is being attempted. But wouldn't it be nice if it turned out to be for real?
$2450 / 1br - 1500ft2 - Brentwood Guest House/Apartment in mansion [Craigslist]