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Six Not-Too-Awkward Airbnbs That Are Probably Still Legal After Santa Monica's Big Crackdown

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This week, Santa Monica came down hard on short-term rentals, completely banning the practice of renting out entire apartments or houses on sites like Airbnb, and requiring anyone renting out individual rooms in their homes register with the city. The new set of rules will remove the overwhelming majority of short-term rental listings across all vacation rental sites—a report from earlier this year found that 70 percent of the city's Airbnb listings were for full units—but there are still some cool, not-totally-awkward options left. We've picked out a handful of the best listings that will likely still be legal after the full-unit crackdown takes effect:

↑ When renting out a room in someone's home, a bedroom with its own entrance is ideal, but a close second is a bedroom that's just far away from where the other occupants are staying, and that's what we have here. This guest room is actually half of someone's two-bedroom apartment and comes with its own personal bathroom. The space is well-kept and uniformly decorated with Buddhas and natural wood. It rents for $104 a night.

↑ Here's a Santa Monica we don't see so much any more: the living-in-a-commune Santa Monica. This isn't just a cool place to stay, it's a piece of the city's hippie-dippy history. The entrance to the detached, private guest room is right off the fabric-draped patio, sandwiched in between two colorful illustrations called "The Goddess Mural" in the listing. It has a ceiling fan, a huge bed, and a giant private bathroom. It rents for $98 a night.

↑ This bedroom is in a hip-looking house near a Whole Foods, and comes with what appears to be a giant Russet potato. It also comes with its own private full bathroom. The home has a patio and bikes available too. It rents for $89.

↑ The return of the outdoor pod! This space acorn is actually a wood-framed tent, with a little loft inside (for lounging?) and a futon—there's even a skylight! The kitchen and bathroom are inside the main house, but the facilities are large and very clean. (Just take off your boots before going in: the owners maintain "a shoe-free home.") The pod is surrounded by the home's spacious yard, which contains a seriously badass tree fort. Rent is $75.

↑ The high-ceilinged, top-floor bedroom and bathroom in this three-floor apartment is all yours. The owner won't even be on the same floor, which is great. There's a rooftop deck right above the rented room too. The house rules are simple (take off your shoes) and a free street-parking pass is available for guests to use. What's not to like? The rent is $125.

↑ This one-bedroom space has a private entrance, a kitchenette, and its own bathroom. Yes, this is essentially an Ikea loft bed leftover from college and a place to make toast, but who comes all the way to Santa Monica to hang out in their vacation rental? No one. It's seven blocks from the beach and walking distance from all the SaMo sights: drop the bags and go. Rent is $83.
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