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Tiny Little Luxury Building Cropping Up in the Middle of Westwood's Condo Canyon

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The alley of condo towers that runs along Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood is set to welcome a very short new addition to the ranks. Construction is now underway on a seven-story complex of 56 luxury residences—so luxurious that they'll have 150 parking spaces to split among them, according to Urbanize LA. Designs for the project come from GMP Architects, whose site says that the complex will feature a motor court under the building and include a lounge with a fireplace, mahogany paneling, and a private wine cellar. On the roof, there'll be a deck with a barbecue and firepit, so residents can have a steak and warm themselves as they gaze up at the neighboring towers. There's also talk of an on-site salon and mediation garden.

GMP's site says 10777 Wilshire will be a condo building, but the website for developer Palisades Capital Partners says only that the units will be residential. The two appear to agree on the specs for the dwellings, though; the one- and two-bedroom models that make up the bulk of the building will range from 1,100 to 1,800 square feet, and four rooftop penthouses will measure 2,500 square feet (those include their own terraces, of course).

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