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Rent in Hollywood's Storied and Historic Afton Arms For $1,350

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Erected in 1924, Hollywood's Afton Arms is one of the earliest structures attributed to architect Leland Bryant, who specialized in designing luxury apartments in a variety of period revival styles during his brief architectural career. Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #463, the ivy-covered Mission Revival complex is associated with a myriad of Hollywood Babylon-esque legends and scandals, some (but not all) of which are actually true.

As detailed in a 1995 LA Times feature, the building went through a particularly dark period between the late '70s and late '80s (Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist Hillel Slovak ODed there in 1988), but eventually got its mojo back thanks to the efforts of some devoted longtime residents.

Apartments in the 42-unit courtyard complex don't pop up on the market all that often, but according to Westside Rentals, there's a one-bedroom, one-bath unit on an upper floor available now. Monthly rent is $1,350; alas, that doesn't include a parking space.