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Mapping the Places to Stop For Free Stuff on Bike to Work Day

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We are smack in the middle of Bike Week LA, the annual seven-day push to get cyclists out en masse and to get everyone more educated about bike and pedestrian safety. One of the staples of the week is Bike to Work Day (this year, it's tomorrow, May 14)—every year there are pit stops, freebies, and discounts arranged for those who partake. This map from Metro's The Source shows where cyclists can meet up with other riders to commute together and get a free snack or meal; the maps also charts where riders can get discounts on food and drinks that apply for all of Bike Week. There are rest stops as far north as Valencia and Santa Clarita, and as far south as Carson and Long Beach, and overall there seems to be even more to do and see and get than at the last Bike to Work Day.

· Ready for Bike to Work Day? Find a pitstop near you with this handy dandy map [The Source]