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Los Angeles is the "Dog Bite Capital of the Nation"

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Los Angeles's dogs were hard at work last year and, after months of training, they sealed the deal and made LA number one in the nation ... for postal worker attacks. After being trumped by Houston in 2013, LA's dogs wildly outdid their previous record (61 attacks) in 2014, with 74 attacks, making the city number one in the US for dogs attacking mail carriers. The USPS calls greater Los Angeles the "dog bite capital of the nation" with more than 416 attacks across LA and Orange Counties, reports the LA Times. The city of Long Beach alone clocked in at number 14 with 27 attacks. In order to fend off LA's pups, postal workers will undergo special training on handling dog attacks. The figures were released as part of National Dog Bite Prevention week, which kicks off on Monday.
· Hey, Los Angeles, we're No. 1! ... in dogs biting postal workers [LAT]