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Confirmed: People in Beverly Hills Love Mercedes-Benzes a Lot

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Rich people: How do they get around? Levitation? Hoverboard? Apparently, they usually choose cars, and certain brands are especially popular in Beverly Hills. Looking at a selection of "some of the country's most exclusive ZIP Codes," the Wall Street Journal zeroes in, naturally, on 90210. Using data from a credit-reporting service, they've determined what anecdotal evidence probably already suggested to anyone who's ever been through Bev Hills: these people sure love a Mercedes-Benz. The brand's E, C, and S Classes are the most popular cars in the zip code. But what the credit data also showed was that Beverly Hills bought way more new cars than any of the other ritzy zip codes surveyed.

205 Mercedes E Classes were registered in Beverly Hills from March 2014 to February 2015; that's more than the total registrations for the three most popular car makes and models combined in Dallas's moneyed Highland Park neighborhood. And it's not counting the second- and third-most popular models of Benzes. Bev Hills was the only neighborhood on the list at all to have registration numbers in the triple digits. We can't wait to see those numbers drop when the subway finally runs through the neighborhood!

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