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Can This Souped-Up $65k Container House Go Mainstream?

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Here's a fun thought exercise: for $65k, would you rather buy a luxury tiny house made to order, or a custom shipping container house already equipped with a bathroom, laundry units, Bose entertainment system, and everything else you need? That's right—just like the Portland-based company that makes it easy to indulge in the tiny house craze, a Montana-based company wants to do the same for recycled shipping container houses. Montainer, which recently began taking online orders for its all-inclusive container dwellings, offers a base modular unit, Nomad, for $65k, plus the option for expansion modules (which will cost around $20k to $30k). Delivery and installation will add another $10k to $20k to the tab. The end result, though, is a container house that's fully-inspected and move-in ready.

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