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They're About to Tear the Roof Off Downtown's Macy's Fortress

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It's been a while since we've heard from the former Macy's fortress in the Financial District as it gradually transforms into The Bloc, an airy, open shopping court that might even have its own portal to the transit hub at Seventh Street/Metro Center. But work is chugging along, with the interior now looking like somebody made the Hulk angry, but the biggest change hasn't even happened yet. The Bloc posted last week on its Instagram that they are "getting ready to tear the roof off this mutha!" Which sounds like just about the proper amount of enthusiasm for the huge makeover about to hit this hulking mass of brick.

The roof-ripping will begin with the the removal of the glass canopy that shelters the central area off Seventh Street—the glass is scheduled come out sometime between April 27 and May 10, starting with the panels closest to the Macy's and working over to Seventh Street. (Eventually, that whole area will be open.) Once that mile-marker is crossed, it'll be a lot easier to envision the once cloistered collection of shops as an inviting plaza with storefronts that actually see the light of day. The Bloc developers say they're doing "everything [they] can" to make sure that the project is finished by its intended October date.

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