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Glendale Trying to Woo CicLAvia by Having a Mini Open Streets Event on Brand Boulevard

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In an attempt to lure CicLAvia and to boost their ongoing bike and pedestrian safety campaign, Glendale city officials have announced that major artery Brand Boulevard will be closed to car-traffic sometime this coming September for an event that sounds a lot like a tiny CicLAvia, says The Glendale News Press. The street takeover will be much smaller than CicLAvia, which usually stretches for anywhere from three to ten miles. Glendale's will be just a couple of blocks, but it's also happening in the middle of the week.

Though the details are still being worked out, the event is expected to happen the Thursday after Labor Day. (CicLAvia usually happens on Sundays.) The weekday timing is because Glendale's aiming to get the Downtown crowd to go carfree mid-day. "We're looking at people who are corporate employees in the downtown district to come out on their lunch break," says Glendale's community relations coordinator. Baby steps, guys.

Brand is expected to be closed between Broadway and California—or, in lunch terms, for the two blocks from the In-N-Out to Porto's. The event's planned to last about four hours, and though there's no official name for it yet, Glendale's already hoping to have several more just like it throughout the year. Maybe the prayers of that sad, lonely cool kid who wanted more young, hip people to come to Glendale are finally being heard.
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