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Two Dormant Mid-Wilshire Apartment Projects Jolt to Life

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Two long-in-the-works Wilshire Boulevard projects that haven't shown much activity for years have recently filed permits with the city and look to be inching toward construction once again. The two properties, one at La Jolla and Wilshire (6401 Wilshire) and another at Wilshire and Crescent Heights (6245 Wilshire) are both planning on having apartments upstairs and street-level retail, says Urbanize LA. One tower seems to be shooting for the millennial market, while the other's offering what sounds like some large, luxurious units.

Both sites were once supposed to be developed by Hanover. At that time, the building at Crescent Heights was going to have 21-stories, and the development on La Jolla was planning on rising 16 stories. Those projects have been talked about since roughly 2008 and 2009.

New developers UDR have changed things up a bit. Over on Crescent Heights, the new structure will have 18 stories and 158 units on the smaller side, geared toward cool youngsters who apparently don't need or want a lot of space. The tower on La Jolla is aiming for the other end of the spectrum, with 90 larger dwellings that will have fancy "condo-like amenities" in a 15-story building. UDR is teaming up with Steinberg Architects on both of these projects.
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