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Gwyneth Paltrow Opening Pricey No-Swearing Club on the Strip

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Anyone can go into the Hustler Store on the Sunset Strip, and anyone care swear there, as long as they don't do it too loudly, but actress Gwyneth Paltrow is hoping to change all that. Apparently concerned that she has not yet cemented her rep as an elitist priss, Paltrow and business partner Gary Landesberg have bought the store from Larry Flynt and intend to turn it into a private Arts Club, which has locations in London and Aspen and prohibits swearing and gambling, even on backgammon, according to TMZ. Sounds fun.

The London Arts Club costs $2,000 to join and $2,000 more a year, and has "one of the best" restaurants in London, a nightclub/lounge, and poetry readings—a place with a no-cursing rule has got to have the real good poetry too. Landesberg is the club's chairman.

Hustler has been in their spot on the Strip since 1998; the store reportedly sold last summer and is moving into a new spot on Hollywood Boulevard near Hollywood & Highland.

Paltrow's new expensive private club sits just a few blocks from the expensive private SoHo House, which is opening up a new expensive private location soon in Downtown's Arts District, in a building that has for many years hosted rehearsal and recording space for musicians. Meanwhile, on Melrose, actress Jessica Biel is opening a "SoHo House for kids." So Los Angeles sucks now, get out before you're forced out!
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