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Three of the Most Important Women of the 1980s All Live in This One Century City Building

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Is this Century City condo tower designed by Robert AM Stern a 42-story magnet that attracts women who were deeply important in the 1980s? All the evidence seems to suggest: possibly. Bisnow claims that stars are "flock[ing]" to the building, which is not quite true, but the three confirmed celeb tenants do happen to be three of the most important (if not the most famous) women of the '80s. The whole thing started with Candy Spelling, widow of Aaron Spelling, who executive produced The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and Dynasty. No, she didn't produce them or work on them at all, but she was the woman behind the man. And she was one of the first people to move into The Century; she bought her unit well before the building even opened.

Spelling's $35-million penthouse is basically a time warp back to a Dynasty set: the lamps that look like gold-embellished urns, the oppressively taupe walls, the elaborate brass and iron staircase railing, the giant wax sculpture of Joan Collins. Okay, so that last one isn't real, but it would fit right in.

Classic Dynasty staircase; the staircase in Candy Spelling's The Century penthouse

And Spelling paved the way for '80s pop queen/cat-sexual Paula Abdul, who now also lives in the building, along with the most iconic Saved by the Bell cast member, Elizabeth Berkley (aka Jessie "I'm So Excited" Spano). So far, the inexplicable magnetism of the building has only really exerted itself on the ladies of the '80s, but if that doesn't mean it won't work on the big-name guys of the decade. It's probably only a matter of time before Don Johnson in a white blazer or John Cusack and a boombox buy in the building.

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