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Mansion-Sized Hotel Suite Will Cost $25,000 a Night and Be Totally Bananas

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The London West Hollywood is upping the ante on ridiculous hotel rooms. Having opened a whole new floor of suites within the last few months—the space had been vacant because of some shady permit issues dating back to previous owners—the hotel is now working on building Los Angeles's largest suite. It will be 11,000 square feet—the size of a giant mansion, basically—and appointed throughout with decor and designs from flame-haired fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. A release from The London explains that Westwood worked with Richmond Design on the two-level suite, which will have a private, 5,000-square-foot terrace that holds 300 people and come with perks including a private shopping hour at Westwood's WeHo store and his-and-hers check-in gift bags. It will cost $25,000 a night.

The suite's 6,000 square feet of non-terrace space will hold two bedrooms, exclusive art, "specially curated rugs," built-in bookcases, stone floors, two atriums, and a water feature. Because the suite has two levels, the terrace is reached by its own elevator.

The penthouse's debut on May 18 will signal the end of a renovation that's spanned 15 months and cost $25 million, according the release. Also opening on May 18 are three brand-new "Metropolitan suites," which are a puny 1,600 to 2,200 square feet, no bigger than a very large apartment.