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The Coachella Grounds Will Have Real Restrooms This Year

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Coachella gets fancier and fancier every year, with luxurious VIP packages and gourmet, four-course al fresco meals, but this whole time, the restroom situation was limited to various classes of portable toilets. All that's changed, because festival organizer/promoter Goldenvoice says it's built the very first permanent restrooms on the polo grounds that host both Coachella and country music fest Stagecoach (both happening this month, both managed by Goldenvoice). Located in the "terrace" section of the venue, the flat-roofed, concrete block building holds 324 stalls and long trough-like sinks, and sports a gap between the tops of the walls and the roof to allow for precious air circulation.

Many of the festival's food vendors are also in the terrace area (smart!), and it's open to everyone with a ticket, so there's not going to be some weird VIPee pass people have to buy. (At least not this year.) The minimal, industrial-chic lavatories look pretty stunning now, but after three days of festival, they will likely be a little less shiny and a lot more littered with forgotten iPhones with cracked screens, smashed feather headbands, and hundreds of lost car keys.

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