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Incredible Treehouse With Electricity (and Big House) Asking $1.65 Million in Hollywood

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"A magical haven ripped straight from Pinterest," this 2,348-square-foot house in Hollywood certainly does have a lot of photogenic elements: a spiral staircase, a spacious treehouse, and dramatic, high ceilings. Pin away! There are also three bedrooms (not counting that loft area at the top of the stairs), two bathrooms, newly added wood floors, and a cozy backyard with a patio and space for a hammock, according to the listing. That backyard is where the lucky future residents of this place will find a treehouse that actually looks sturdy enough to safely support children (or adults—no judgment). The finished, roofed perch appears to have real windows with panes and everything, electricity, and security (some stickers on the entry hatch that say "Keep Out" and "Private"). The property is asking $1.649 million.

· 712 North Orange Drive [Teles Properties]