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Take a Ride Down Malibu's Super-Scenic First-Ever Bike Lane

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Pacific Coast Highway just got a little safer for seven miles in Malibu. The beachy city recently wrapped up work on its first-ever bike lane, reports Streetsblog—it runs along the eastbound side of PCH, stretching from around Zuma Beach all the way to Malibu's westernmost border near Leo Carrillo State Beach. The bike lane project, funded by Metro, Caltrans, and the city, went beyond just painting the street to repaving sections of the road, adding signage, and upgrading some intersections and medians.

The bike lane is sandwiched between traffic on the left and parked cars on the right, and thus is still vulnerable to cars that pull out and car doors that are flung open suddenly, but it's a huge improvement for this notoriously dangerous stretch of highway. The lane officially opens this Wednesday, but a short tour of the path is possible now via a cyclist's-eye-view video.

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