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Carson Stadium's Redesign Includes 120-Foot-Tall Tower That Shoots Lightning

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Images courtesy of Manica Architecture
Images courtesy of Manica Architecture

Haters who criticized Carson's proposed NFL stadium on purely aesthetic terms will be happy to hear that as the plan moves forward (it was just approved by Carson's City Council), it's upping its style game. The two-team football venue intended to house the Chargers and the Raiders is getting a slick and very exciting new redesign that includes a more airy, open layout and a tower over 100 feet tall that, on occasion, will shoot lightning bolts, reports the LA Times.

The latest renderings for the joint football venue come from Manica Architecture. Their version of the stadium is intended to recall the LA Coliseum, but was also inspired by the fluid movement of sports cars (that rendering with a Porsche in the foreground really drives this connection home). The updated plans show that the oval-shaped, roofless stadium will have a "contiguous exterior" with a large opening at its base. The seating would be arranged in a U around that gap, which the architects believe will "help surround the field with noise." Seating colors are still being decided, but it's possible that they'll be clear so they can "reflect the color of lights shining on them."

The most exciting feature of the updated Carson design is obviously its 115 to 120-foot-tall tower, which will be encased in glass, topped with a cauldron, and transformed depending on which team is playing. When the Chargers are on the field, lightning bolts will zap around inside the tower's glass enclosure. When the Chargers score a touchdown, lightning will shoot out of the top of the tower. When the Raiders are having a home game, the plan is for the cauldron to fill with fire, like the Olympic flame, as a nod to the late Raiders owner/manager Al Davis. (Unfortunately, "The plan would not call for the flame to burst up from the tower in the event of a Raiders touchdown," which just seems unfair.) If the Carson stadium ever hosted a Super Bowl, the plan is to turn the tower into an enormous Lombardi Trophy.

The designs should be shown to team owners at NFL meetings next month; the competing Inglewood stadium should be making a presentation at those same meetings. Parties involved in the Carson plan (Carson, the Chargers, the owners of the stadium site) are still negotiating many of the details of the stadium, like where to find 16,000 more parking spaces.

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