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53 New Live/Work Units Heading to the Southern Arts District

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The unstoppable Arts District continues to spill over into the staunchly industrial space beyond the AD's traditional southern border of Seventh Street. The action (for now) seems to be centered around Santa Fe Avenue; first, the old Ford Factory was slated to become creative offices, then the musician-displacing SoHo House pushed further south and was followed by a mystery project right next door. Now, says the Downtown News, there's another newcomer south of the future SoHo House, bringing 53 live/work units to a pair of old brick buildings at Santa Fe and Eighth Street.

The project—called Arthouse because it's hoped artists will move in—will take over the one three-story and one four-story building, together measuring 94,000 square feet. Like a lot of the structures in the Arts District, the development's residences will have open floor plans. At street level, the complex will also have three units of commercial space (13,000 square feet total) that are probably going to end up rented by restaurants or galleries.

In keeping with the historic architecture of the surrounding neighborhood and dominant trends, developer Core Development Group (CDG) will maintain much of the existing, 100-year-old structure. "New construction is not what people in this area crave," says Philip Rahimzadeh of CDG. Leasing at Arthouse could begin as early as the end of summer.
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