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New Architecture and Design Hub in The Works for DTLA

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When the Architecture + Design Museum announced their impending move to the Arts District late last year, their short-term (two-year) lease had some wondering what was in the cards for the museum's future. We now know that if all goes according to plan, after their lease is up, the A+D Museum is hoping to move again—into a new building that will house it, the American Institute of Architects' Los Angeles chapter (AIA/LA), and the much-anticipated Center for Architecture and Urban Design Los Angeles (CALA), a non-profit "design commons." Nicci Solomons, who is both Executive Director of the AIA/LA and the Executive Director of CALA, talked to Curbed about what the next couple years will look like for all three institutions.

The A+D Museum anticipated moving into its (now temporary) Arts District location on Fourth Street this summer. After it opens, the A+D Museum's Arts District spot will host programming for CALA; despite not having a permanent home, CALA's already lead a Downtown walking tour and hopes to do more as its events lineup expands.

Solomons tells Curbed that once the A+D is settled, all three organizations are going to start a joint campaign to fundraise for their future, shared home, out of which all three will operate. CALA and the AIA/LA are looking at possible locations now, and are hoping to find a suitable, 20,000-square-foot space somewhere in Downtown LA, though Solomons says they haven't decided on a space yet.

The new, triple-threat architecture and design center could open its doors as soon as 2017; Solomons says that the goal is to have the space ready as soon as the A+D Museum's lease is up, so that all three can immediately shift into their shared building, though that does depend on the space, though, and how much work is required to make it suitable for all three entities.
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