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Geoff Palmer's Burned Da Vinci Apartments Will be Back in Under a Year

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Early last December, part of the giant fauxtalian housing complex Downtown known as Da Vinci was swept up in a massive inferno that left it nothing but smoldering rubble. (The fire was not an accident and many were not sorry to see it go.) Back then, developer Geoff Palmer expressed a strong desire to rebuild, and now, he's getting started on just that, reports the Downtown News. All of the reconstruction will be paid for by Palmer's insurance.

A rise from the ashes had always been in Palmer's mind for this charred housing project; he'd said in a statement back in December that the devastation at the building on the south side of Temple Street was just a "temporary loss." Now that all the wreckage from the fire has been cleared off the site, construction can begin. The process is expected to take about 10 months; when complete, the two-building Da Vinci complex will have 526 apartments. (The other half of the Da Vinci, unaffected by the fire, saw its first move-ins this month, says the DN.)

Unfortunately, there will not be any design tweaks to the aesthetically displeasing Da Vinci building, so it will probably be about 10 months before the developer's terrible signature skybridge crosses over Temple Street. Palmer has another aerial crossing planned at his Broadway Palace complex, headed to Ninth and Broadway, just across from the Ace Hotel.
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Da Vinci

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