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Bright, Cheery 1916 Craftsman in Franklin Village Asks $1.2M

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This handsome Craftsman was clearly well-cared for. The 2,900-square-foot house gets points for attractive, old features like the wood floors and carefully kept-up molding, but it has also been updated where it matters, like in the unfussy, streamlined kitchen. The giant wood-and-glass doors that separate the first floor's "formal" rooms are original to the house, and are paned with leaded glass that, like the dwelling itself, dates back to 1916, says the listing. The house's four bedrooms are large and wood-floored, and there are four bathrooms, too—probably lifesaving on busy weekday mornings. The backyard is spacious and is outfitted with a large deck; the lot itself is 9,450 square feet, so there's plenty of space. At the front of the home is another smaller, gated yard, and a wide porch. Last sold in 2010 for $752,000 according to public records, it's now listed for $1.195 million.

· 1812 Taft Ave., Los Angeles 90028 [Sotheby's]