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LA's New Simple, Readable Parking Signs Going Up in Downtown

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The Los Angeles parking sign revolution has been a long time coming. Last October, the LA City Council voted to try out new, less tell-y/more show-y markers somewhere in Los Angeles for a test run ahead of a potential citywide rollout. The new signs are only now just getting a field test, beginning tomorrow, NBC LA reports, but better late than never, right?

The proving ground for the six-month pilot program will be Downtown's Historic Core, along Spring and Main Streets between Second and Ninth. The area was selected, according to the report for the City Council's Transportation Committee, "due to the complexity of existing parking restrictions and proximity to LADOT headquarters." The trial run will start this Friday, with 100 of the colorful new signs.
· Los Angeles Just Voted to Try Simple, Readable Parking Signs [Curbed LA]