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Northridge is Getting the First Protected Bike Lanes in LA

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Mayor Garcetti announced last summer that the stretch of Reseda Boulevard between Parthenia and Plummer Streets in Northridge would be getting a spruced up and made people-friendlier as one of the first 15 projects in his Great Streets Program, but now that the makeover is finally in process, some exciting surprised have been revealed: when all the upgrades are finished here, Reseda will have Los Angeles's first parking-protected bike lanes (in which parked cars act as a buffer between the car and bike lanes), Streetsblog reports.

Work's underway this week on the safer bike lanes, according to a tweet from Great Streets, as well as on the rest of the makeover, which includes a funky sidewalk and, eventually, street furniture. Thanks to some good timing, the street was resurfaced before any of these upgrades got going, so the bike lanes are going down on a clean slate.

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