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Get a Glimpse of Crenshaw Boulevard's People-Friendly Future

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The currently-under-construction Crenshaw Line is going to bring some big changes to its namesake arterial street, but some of the most dramatic changes coming to the road (besides a train running on part of it) are going to be thanks to the Crenshaw Boulevard Streetscape Plan. Released by the city last month, the plan is aimed at making the street safer and more inviting to people on foot and on bikes by adding street improvements like at least one scramble crosswalk, more trees and green space, bike lanes, and wider sidewalks.

A new section of "aspirational" drawings in this version show that where and how to add protected bike lanes to the street is also being considered. Part of Crenshaw—the segment between Florence Avenue and 78th Street—was named on Mayor Garcetti's list of the first 15 Great Streets; possible future improvements outlined in the plan suggest protected bike lanes (also called cycletracks) here too, as well as mid-block crosswalks, a lot more street trees, and bike parking.

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