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Los Angeles Just Going to Run the Greek Theatre Itself

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Los Angeles is just about ready to give up on finding a private company to run Griffith Park's historic Greek Theatre and just do the whole thing itself. After months of battles and back-and-forth trying to choose between mega-concert promoter Live Nation (the frontrunner) and a team of Staples Center owner AEG and long-time Greek operator Nederlander (the incumbent), the city scrapped the whole process. Then, yesterday, the Recreation and Parks Commission voted to turn over operations to the city. Nederlander has been running the Greek for 40 years, but its contract expires in October—the Rec and Parks Commission also voted yesterday not to extend the contract at all.

Back in October, the Rec and Parks Commission voted to give the contract to Live Nation—LN's bid included more money for renovation and restoration work at the 1929 venue, but Nederlander/AEG promised more revenue for the city. Meanwhile, neighbors preferred the known-known of Nederlander and fretted that a new operator would be more of a headache for them.

In February, the City Council threw out the Live Nation decision and ordered a do-over, and then in March, city staff recommended that the city take over the Greek itself and turn it into an "open venue" with a rotating cast of concert promoters. That plan, which the commission yesterday adopted for at least two years, should make a lot more money for the city, which will go to the very needy Rec and Parks Department. Nederlander or Live Nation could still appeal to the City Council.
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