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1924 Auto Showroom/Wedding Venue in Chinatown Selling as a House For $2.5 Million

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Once home to the very popular wedding venue Marvimon, which regularly topped lists of the best places to get hitched in Los Angeles, this 4,000-square-foot renovated warehouse zoned as live/work space is located right on Broadway next to Solano Canyon on the fringes of Chinatown. (Get ready for Dodgers traffic.) The one-story building is also directly across from the under-construction Los Angeles State Historic Park, aka the Cornfield, and was originally built "by an Italian race car driver in 1924 as one of Los Angeles' first automobile showrooms," the venue's website claims, which explains the wooden bow-and-truss ceilings, the now-polished cement floors, and that good old-fashioned brickwork.

Right now the building is set up with two bedrooms (one with giant roll-up doors that open to the outdoors), two bathrooms, and two "cabana baths" in the verdant, 2,000-square-foot courtyard in the back. Since the kitchen is arranged to accommodate catering teams and servers, it's probably going to be more than sufficient for day-to-day living. The one wild card here is parking. There are two off-street spots, but they appear to be in the courtyard, on a sharply angled driveway that ends at a wall. Last sold in 2004 for $475,004, according to public records, the property is now asking $2.495 million.

· 1411 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA [Estately]
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