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Watch the LA Derby Dolls Set Up the Giant Track in Their New Home in Under Two Minutes

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When the LA Derby Dolls moved out of their old home in Historic Filipinotown (slated to be demolished for condos) and into their new one in an El Sereno warehouse, they had to deal with the huge task of moving the derby track with them. Over a period of two days, the entire track was disassembled by a team of volunteers, driven over to the Eastside, unloaded, and reassembled. Each panel, numbered so they could be more easily put back together again, took between six to ten people to move, according to DoItYourself. Thanks to an under-two-minute time-lapse video, the exciting but arduous task of setting up the track, lifting and positioning panels, and adjusting each panel individually to the correct angle and height for ideal roller derbying can be enjoyed without breaking a sweat. Even after all that work, the track's not totally finished yet: before the first match on May 16, it still has to be painted in those signature colors of Derby Pink and Derby Gray.

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