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Glitzy Circular Helipad House in the Hills Once Housed Rock Hudson's Beau

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Photos by Pierre Galant

Tucked into the Lake Hollywood Knolls community of the Hollywood Hills, this house has come a looooong way since we last saw it in 2011, when it was decidedly more, um, funky. Thanks to a 2014 renovation, the place has really leveled up, and now includes energy-saving windows, stainless in the kitchen, and an overall less dark-and-dank feeling (still kinda eighties, though). Designed by Lorand West, who designed for LA restaurants like Morton's and The Ivy, this was rumored to have been his personal residence for a time. Somewhere along the line, mid-century hunk Rock Hudson's lover, Marc Christian MacGinnis, also called it home, says the LA Times.

Did Rock and Marc ever lounge around the fantastic circular fireplace or tan out by the pool (now saltwater)? Perhaps we'll never know. What we do know is that the rooftop of the house is intended to look like a helipad because that's what it was supposed to be. (West never secured the permits to use it.) The master bedroom in the four-bedroom house has a "motorized projection screen" and its own private glass deck that looks out over the terraced backyard and pool area below. Last sold in 2011 for $1.325 million, the 3,287-square-foot house is now asking $1.999 million.

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