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Watch Star Wars Imperial Forces Destroy Los Angeles For Some Reason

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Imagine drunk-eating a very spicy burrito and then falling asleep watching some classic Star Wars. That kind of behavior would probably lead to a dream that looks a lot like this video, "Star Wars: Invasion Los Angeles," in which lumbering AT-ATs and various Imperial aircraft descend on Los Angeles, hitting all the tourist traps because hey, this is LA, but also being sure to destroy some stuff because above all, this is a business trip. The Empire stops by the Hollywood Sign, flies right up to the Griffith Observatory, shoots over the Fourth Street Bridge, and swings by the Disney Concert Hall. Not forgetting to hit the beach, the invaders also make time to hit up the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, see/shoot up the Queen Mary, and wreak havoc at the Santa Monica Pier. Why? Why not!

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Santa Monica Pier

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