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Coachella's 2015 Art Program Launches with World's Largest Piece of Marble in Kitty Cat Form

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Whether you regularly attend outdoor concerts or not, you've likely heard that Coachella, California's massive hippie-hipster gathering of art, music, and Festival Lifestyle is upon us. This weekend and next, 160,000 people will trek to Indio, CA, to watch a lineup ranging from Drake to Built to Spill. Coachella founders have always touted the festival's art cred, and for 2015, they're backing up that claim with #emptycoachella, in which a select group of Instagrammers got early access to the over-the-top sculpture and installations installed on the grounds. Curbed has the first look at this year's roster of installation art, the most complex (and well-funded) exhibition for Coachella yet.

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