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Here's a Treasure Map to Find the Life-Sized Atari Art Hidden in Elysian Park

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Local artist Calder Greenwood put sunbathers in a soggy, vacant, Downtown construction pit and is believed to have been responsible for the heart-stoppingly large spider under the Sixth Street Bridge earlier this year. The natural progression from there is a treasure map leading to a pop-up installation of four, seemingly human-sized art pieces hidden somewhere in Elysian Park, so that's where Greenwood's gone. An elaborate companion map showing the Elysian Forest and Dodger Castle helps art hunters find the installation of the four characters, from the 1985 Atari game Gauntlet: an elf, a magician, a "Valkyrie," and generic, loin-clothed "warrior." We hope to see lots of LARP-filled Instagrams from the lucky finders of the piece.

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