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Coolest Star Wars Bedroom Ever is in a $15MM Megamansion in Westlake Village

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When you've spent significant time in a room styled after The Empire Strikes Back, sleeping in an airspeeder every night and palling around with a mini R2D2, the rest of the world must just kind of be a letdown. (There's another bedroom in this mansion with a pirate ship bed, but even that didn't go as far as this one and its fake snow.) The rest of the giant house might even be a letdown, even though it is 15,000 square feet, contains a gym, a half-sized basketball court, a game room with an air hockey table, a vaguely castle-like dining area, six fireplaces, 11 bathrooms, and five other bedrooms. The 4.3-acre grounds, meanwhile, boast two outdoor pizza ovens, footbridges, running streams, and a "natural island environment" that includes a waterfall, a 16-foot ledge for diving, and a 120-foot waterslide. Built in 1991, the house is owned by tech mogul Dirk Gates, who's asking $14.9 million for it.

· 955 Vista Ridge Lane, Thousand Oaks 91362 [Estately]
· 955 Vista Ridge [Official site]