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Watch One Last Visit to the 1938 Hollywood Park Racetrack as It's Demolished For an NFL Stadium

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If you never got to Hollywood Park, you never will because it doesn't exist anymore. The racetrack, which opened in 1938, began demolition last year to make way for a massive, 238-acre mixed-use project that recently grew to include an NFL stadium and an entertainment venue too. Thankfully, a handful of the historic track's last days were captured in this "awwww"-inspiring, heartfelt eulogy of a short film, "Hollywood Park, 75 Great Years."

The eight-minute film weaves together shots of the grounds, the stands, and the fans, with voiceovers from patrons telling stories of the good ol' days, extolling the track's relatively "family-friendly" atmosphere—the kind of racetrack where a godfather might bring his nine-year-old godson (true story)—and Hollywood Park's egalitarian environment that brought together "movie stars, actors, bums, everybody—they were all here."

Hollywood Park, 75 Great Years. from Givot on Vimeo.

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