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Westwood Village Getting Demand-Based Parking Meter Pricing

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By May, the variable parking meter pricing program known as ExpressPark will have made its way into Westwood. The LADOT will install new meters in Westwood Village by then, and the prices to park will change throughout the day, depending on demand; the program started and has been successful already in Downtown LA. Pricing hasn't been set yet, says the Daily Bruin, and there are a few tweaks that might be made before it's finalized, including time limits at the meters, which some feel are too short. (In Downtown, the limit for variable-priced spots is two hours.) Westwood business owners and UCLA reps have also told LADOT in outreach meetings that they'd like to see a flat rate of $5 instituted for "after-hours" parking.

In Downtown, ExpressPark has helped to fill up more spaces and lower average hourly rates. Spaces that are part of the program are outfitted with sensors that know when they're full or vacant. The spots also become more or less expensive based on what time of day it is; at times when demand is usually higher, prices to park are higher. Meanwhile, parking spot location and pricing information is accessible to people looking for a spot via third-party apps like ParkMe—users see where free spots are and how much they cost, and that helps to cut down on the endless circling that parking usually involves, which in turn cuts traffic and emissions. Since ExpressPark's been implemented, parking revenue in Downtown has increased 2.5 percent.
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