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Rent a Gloriously '80s Lautner Beach House in Malibu for $70k

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Architect John Lautner has designed a lot of beautiful and very high-profile properties in and around Los Angeles—bidding-war-inciting Silvertop in Silver Lake, UFO/villian lair Chemosphere in the Hollywood Hills, a mushroom-esque Palm Springs home for Bob Hope—but here's one we don't hear from very much, up for lease on Malibu Road. Known formally as the Krause House, this 1980s Lautner was originally designed on spec, say our pals at Curbed, but its singular style, stunning curved staircase, and "window panels that look more like geometric artwork" ended up winning the owners over, and they moved in themselves.

The three-bedroom house is a spacious 4,136 square feet and comes with 57 feet of its own beach just out the back door. The master bedroom is outfitted with a spa on the balcony and an outdoor shower. The only Lautner on Malibu Road, this spring or summer rental is yours for $70,000 a month, with a two-month minimum. (From the looks of the website, that's a $10,000 chop. A bargain!)

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