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Meet the Murderous, Inbred Mountain Lion Family of the Santa Monica Mountains

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It's not news that Los Angeles's local mountain lions have a family tree that doesn't really branch out—a family shrub, maybe. They're isolated, pinned in one area because their habitat is bordered by urbanized zones, the ocean, and mostly uncrossable freeways (which is why there's a campaign to build a crossing over the 101 for them). Isolated mountain lions aren't at their best—they mate with siblings and kill each other, as evidenced by this mysterious website, Lions Live Here, sent to Curbed by a tipster.

The site allows users to see the interactions of the mountain lion family sired by P01, who was first tagged in 2002: which mountain lions inbred, which ones have died, and which ones were killed by relatives; the results reveal interfamily drama along the lines of a reality show plus a telenovela. (Why do these lions not yet have a reality show, by the way?) It's not hard to see why P22, the famous Griffith Park lion, was willing to brave possible death on two freeways just to get away from all of this nonsense.

· Lions Live Here [Official site]