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John Lautner's Stevens House Languishes on the Market Because There is Something Wrong With the World

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Beloved modernist John Lautner produced many of Southern California's most legendary and distinctive homes, from his mushroom-capped Palm Spring estate for Bob Hope to his curvaceous concrete gem, Silvertop, which recently sold, to the president of Beats by Dre, for more than $1 million over the asking price. So why oh why has his glorious Stevens Residence, which is shaped like an "avant-garde boat," lingered on the market for nearly two years? The ocean-facing glass and timber house in Malibu is an architectural marvel, designed by Lautner in 1967 in the form of a wave. Listed in August of 2013 for $22 million, the 8,700-square-foot spread received a significant price chop in June of 2014, and is now listed for $19.75 million. Are there really no celebrities or other rich people who want to throw really rad parties in this pedigreed modernist property?

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