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New Arts District SoHo House Will Replace Actual Artists

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The new SoHo House coming to the Arts District will open in a 1917 brick building near Santa Fe Avenue and Bay Street that houses one of two Downtown Rehearsal locations, providing rented practice and recording space for bands and musicians since 1989. That's right: SoHo Warehouse—just the latest, fanciest arrival in a neighborhood that is fancifying at a terrifying rate—will literally replace working artists. "The project is still very much under development," a rep for SoHo tells the Downtown News, but they're looking to open in 2016.

The six-story building is quite a bit taller than most others surrounding it, and thus should offer a killer view of Downtown from SoHo's rooftop pool. The rehearsal space is already chopped into little, rentable rooms, which are probably ideally sized for those "artist's studios" that SoHo House is planning on integrating into the layout of their second Los-Angeles-area location. (The first SoHo in town is on the Sunset Strip, but it's getting crowded.)

According to a December story in Music Connection, "the facility is always full and maintains a waiting list for new bands." Meanwhile, annual dues at SoHo start at $1,000 (for members under 27) and go up to $2,800 a year, so it's not likely that many of the people renting out practice space will be able to come back and visit once this is converted into a hip, members-only club.

View From A Rehearsal

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