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Rich Bradbury Couple Drops $46MM on Party House in Bel Air

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Earlier this month, the 24,000-square-foot Bel Air estate known as Liongate sold for $46.25 million (early reports said $50 million), and immediately speculation began about who the buyers are (Beyoncé and Jay Z??). Surprisingly, they're locals: rich people ("philanthropists") James H. and Eleanor Randall, who reside in the very wealthy San Gabriel Valley enclave of Bradbury, says the LA Times, confirming last week's Variety story. And they're not planning on moving.

The Randalls's plan for the enormous mansion? They'll use it for charity events and as a vacation home. While it's pretty luxurious to be able to drop $46.25 million on a second home, it's a little sad when that second home is in Bel Air, status-laden for sure, but neither beachfront nor on popular ski slopes, neither remote nor centrally located. And not that far from your first home besides.

The 1938 Liongate was originally designed by architect Paul Williams, but was expanded from around 9,000 square feet up to its present 24,000 in a process that ended in December 2014. With its massive grounds that include tennis courts, a huge pool, and parking for 25 cars, it seems ideally suited for the kind of grand-scale entertaining the Randalls would host. Even better, they got quite a deal; the property was originally listed for $65 million.
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