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"Zero Tolerance" for Tailgating on Dodgers Opening Day

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Pump the breaks on your elaborate pre-Dodger-game tailgate dreams, Los Angeles: new rules in the area surrounding Dodger Stadium about where people can park and for how long on Opening Day (Monday, April 6) are aimed specifically at quashing what neighbors have claimed is some rowdy reveling, and there will be "zero tolerance for tailgating," says an LAPD rep. Eastsider LA reports the two-pronged effort will focus on a popular tailgating spot and also sections of local streets that tend to get spillover from tailgating in Dodger-adjacent Elysian Park.

City officials will be posting "No Parking" signs on a section of Stadium Way south of where the street meets Academy Road—the area is known as Avenue of the Palms and usually becomes an "uncontrollable" party alley on Opening Day. Residents who live close to Dodger Stadium reportedly complained about everything from people peeing in yards to loud music on the day of the home opener last year.

So, to avoid pushing cars fleeing Stadium Way onto nearby residential streets (where they might just park and party anyway), there will also be two-hour-only parking on a handful of streets that serve as common paths to the stadium. Even people who live there will be forced to move their cars every two hours on that day:
—Scott Avenue between Echo Park Avenue and Elysian Park Avenue
—Morton Avenue between Echo Park Avenue and Academy Road
—Academy Road between Morton Avenue and Elysian Park Avenue
—Portia Street between Sunset Boulevard and Scott Avenue

Complete details about the parking restrictions will be announced later this week, but at least one LAPD official has said that these restrictions are only going to be enforced on Opening Day.
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