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Dov Charney Is Busy Plotting His Against-All-Odds Comeback

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American Apparel's ex CEO Dov Charney has kept a relatively low profile since getting the heave-ho in December 2014. But like a bad penny, the disgraced exec has once again resurfaced, speaking to ABC News's 20/20 for an episode that aired Friday evening entitled "Occupational Hazards." In the segment, Charney reveals that he spends his days plotting and scheming to retake the company he founded, a goal that seems oh, just a tad unrealistic. ("He is not allowed to be an employee, or an officer, or CEO of the company. Period. There's no option there," current AmApp CEO Paula Schneider points out.) To no one's surprise, Charney certainly doesn't do much to repair his reputation here, but it's kind of fun to watch him try.

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