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Fresh & Easy CEO Buys $6MM Beachfront Home

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On Monday, the Fresh & Easy chain of supermarkets announced they'd be closing 50 stores. Today, the LA Times says that the company's CEO Jim Keyes has purchased a Mediterranean-inspired, waterfront home in Redondo Beach. (The sale closed on March 18.) The stores were being shuttered because they didn't fit the company's "model of modern convenience," a spokesman said, but this new house of Keyes's certainly does—it's got an elevator up to the master bedroom!

Other conveniences in the five-bedroom home includes a game room (with a terrace, of course), a eight-car garage, and a wet bar in the living room. The residence also has an atrium, a curving brass staircase, pink marble as far as the eye can see, and stained glass windows, but those are more for show than for convenience. Keyes purchased the 9,200-square-foot house for $6.35 million.

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